Members directory

  • Rolland Wilhite

    Beat 'em up, Fighting, First-person party-based RPG, Metroidvania, MMORPG, Monster Collection, Rhythm, Shooter, Survival, Survival horror, Visual novels
  • Vernon Dahmer

    Adventures, Metroidvania, Monster Collection, Roguelikes, Visual novels
  • Taba Carew

    Construction and management simulation, First-person party-based RPG, Metroidvania, Tactical RPG
  • Justin Duchscherer

    Beat 'em up, Fighting, Metroidvania, Roguelikes, Survival
  • Montal Ellis

    Fighting, JRPG, Metroidvania, Platform, Shooter
  • Rick Cuyler

    Beat 'em up, Construction and management simulation, Metroidvania, Platform, Stealth
  • Stephania Milovic

    JRPG, Metroidvania, MMORPG, Monster Collection
  • Keir Pati

    Fighting, Metroidvania, Stealth, Survival horror

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