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  • Nulla consequat

    Action RPG, Construction and management simulation, Rhythm, Sandbox RPG, Survival horror
  • Jennifer Harmon

    Battle Royale, Beat 'em up, Metroidvania, Monster Collection, Platform, Stealth
  • Themo Saurus

    First-person party-based RPG, JRPG, MMORPG, Sandbox RPG, Survival horror
  • Antawnia Jamison

    Adventures, Monster Collection, Shooter, Survival, Visual novels
  • Chynna Phillips

    Action RPG, Adventures, Fighting, Shooter, Survival, Survival horror
  • Rick Cuyler

    Beat 'em up, Construction and management simulation, Metroidvania, Platform, Stealth
  • James Washington

    Battle Royale, Stealth, Survival, Tactical RPG
  • Marthy Berg

    Beat 'em up, Fighting, MMORPG, Monster Collection, Shooter
  • Ron Faucheux

    First-person party-based RPG, MMORPG, Rhythm, Stealth, Survival
  • Michellie Jones

    Adventures, Fighting, Roguelikes, Shooter, Survival, Tactical RPG
  • Montal Ellis

    Fighting, JRPG, Metroidvania, Platform, Shooter
  • Elisio Street

    Battle Royale, JRPG, Platform, Tactical RPG

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